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Hi im Breena and i've been psping for just about 10 years now.. I have been writing tutorials for almost 8. I am also a mother of 2 wonderful lil guys ages 8 and 6.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lots O Tags 2

Fading Floral by Abstract Creations
Urban Chic by Abs 
 Tiffany Toland Scott 2-2 by Chichi Designs
Autumn Palette by  Karra
Autumn Nights by Abs 

Kauruma Pheonix 7 - 2 by Chichi Designs


Lots O Tags part 1

These here are a bunch of CT tags i have not been able to load and show off in the last month or so.. so enjoy them :D

Dark Love by Chichi Designs 
 Anna Marine 7-2 by Chichi Designs 
Dreams by Chichi Designs
Elizabeth Austin 14-2 by Chichi Designs 
 Jasmine Beckett Griffith 143-3 by Abstract Creations 
Dirk Richter 11-1 by Abs 
 Skullz and Lollipopz by Abstract Creations
 Geek Chick by my bugga boo Karra

Saturday, August 3, 2013


My friend Tasha from Tasha's Playground made a new kit last week and named it Fabulous well let me tell u this kit was so Fabulous I made 2 tags lol 
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Some Ct tags this week

This tag is using Abstract Creations Nightmare kit and can be found at CDO 
This tag is using Abstract Creations Pinup Toons Aug 2013 bonus tube  matching kit
This tag is using Karra's Kreations Evening Tides kit.. 
This tag is using one of Jackies Jewels Mermaid Treasures scrapkit 
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lots of CT tags

Im using a fabbie new tube by VeryMany named Carol, it can be found at PFD same as the kit which is by Tasha's Playground called Skulls and Stripes.
This tag is using Cindy's Anna Marine's  March Bonus tube kit which can be found at CDO.
This tag is using Cindy's Robert Freeman's  April Bonus tube kit which can also be found at CDO.
This tag is using Cindy's Pin Up Toons  August bonus tube kit. 
 I have a bunch of tags using Abstract Creations scrapkits which can be found at CDO also, I will list them here as they are posted. 
Enamorte 2-1
Amy Matthews April Bonus tube kit 
Amy Matthews bundle 39 kit 
Amy Matthews June, and August Bonus tube kits
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some More CT Tags

Tag using Cindys Catch A Wave scrapkit 
  Tag using Cindy's Royalty scrapkit. 
Tag using Abstract Creations PUT 82-1 scrapkit.
 This tag is using A Taggers Scraps scrapkit Susies Seashore

Now this tag is NOT a CT tag but its an absolute fave of mine using my girly Jackie's Jewels Rainforest scrapkit :D
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Some New CT Tags

 These tags are using Chichi Designs Teal Dreams scrakit as well as Maxine Gadds 15-2  kit.
This is using Abstract Creations Dougherty 39-3 kit.
 Using Abstract Creations Elegant Fantasy Kit. 
Using Abs Funky Music scrapkit.
This one is using Abs Girls Night Out Scrapkit.

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